Guidelines for your artwork

Criteria for artwork requirements

  1. 01

    Rework or touch-up will incur an extra charge. We will contact distributor for approval before any touchup work is started. If re-work touch-up is needed, order may be delayed.

  2. 02

    Friendly Reminder: Clear, sharp black & white camera-ready artwork speeds up orders and gives best results.

  3. 03

    Half tones, screening, shading : Such logos are not recommended, but we will attempt to reproduce and will advise accordingly.

  4. 04

    Digit al artwork: Artwork may be supplied on a PC formatted CD, herein:

    • Absolutely no color or grayscale files
    • Preferably, art work files should be supplied in vector format, created with either CorelDraw (up to version 17) or Illustrator (up to version CC). All files must be saved in IBM format
    • At Spector & Co., we have a large selection of fonts. However, all type must be converted to curves (in the event that we do not have the specific font used in you r document). Failing to do so may result in your order being delayed
    • For best result s, Photoshop EPS, TIFF and JPG files should be set for black and white 1 bit preview at 1200 dpi
    • Photoshop EPS, TIFF and JPG files should be no less than 200 % of final required imprint size and 600 dpi. If ar t work is sent at 100% of imprint size, then 1200 dpi actual resolution should be supplied
    • Each file should have one artwork only. Use the P.O. number for the file name
    • Please be advised that WE DO NOT ACCEPT artwork that is sent in any word publishing document s such as Microsoft PhotoDraw, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Freehand, PageMaker or Adobe Image Ready
    • When e-mailing artwork to, please reference company name and PO. Number


    BRANDPATCH & 4CP FLEX Specials Requirements

  6. 05

    Digital artwork: Artwork may be supplied by the client at the finished size (100%) according to our imprint dimension from our website.

    • All type must be converted to curves
    • ONLY VECTOR formatted artwork is accepted.
      Acceptable vector formats are:
      • ) .pdf (editable)
      • ) .eps
      • ) .ai (Adobe Illustrator up to version CS 5)
      • ) .cdr (CorelDraw up to version 17)
    • RASTERIZED formatted artwork or image will not be accepted
  7. 06

    Minimum line width and font sizes will vary depending on rough texture of the fabric substrates.

  8. 07


    • Only approximate PMS matching is available
    • Small components of the artwork (®/TM) should be omitted as they may fail to transfer properly onto rough fabrics
  9. 08

    Please note that artwork is kept on file for no longer than two years.